Tamba Ware Long-Necked Freshwater Container with Splashed Black Glaze on Akadobe Glaze


A long-necked Mizusashi fired in Tamba in the early Edo period. It has a shape similar to Sue-ware and has a slightly open neck with three undulations crafted with kicking wheel throwing after coiling. The Akadobe glaze (red iron base glaze) is applied to the base body. A splashed black glaze decorated by cassette and an ash glaze with natural ash fall creates an astonishing landscape. Even in Tamba ware of at that time (early 17C), which is characterized by combining the technique and the natural beauty, this piece is a remarkable presence. The lustrous rainbow halation created over time is also a highlight.

There are some kiln scratches and a minor chip on the mouth, but there are no noticeable defects. It is not only a freshwater container but also ideal for ornamental use and flowering. Come with a Nuributa (lacquer coated lid) and fits in an old box stickered “Kotamba Tachiguchi Tobiyuu Mizusashi (long-necked splashed glaze freshwater container)”.

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