Karatsu Ware Muji-Karatsu Style Teabowl


A Kogaratsu teabowl fired approximately 1620s to 30s. It was produced in a Hirado-type kiln that was established after the role of Keicho. It has a deep shape using brown clay, and the ash glaze is applied until the side of the footring. The unique distorted shape resembles the so-called Suhama Chawan crafted in the middle of the Joseon dynasty in Gimhae, but it was naturally shaped presumed from the trace of being stuck with another vessel in the kiln.

It seems that it has not been used yet, and skin growth can be expected by using it. It is a teabowl but would also be used as a lipped bowl. A plain design Kogartsu teabowl with the uniqueness of fire effect caused by the authentic kiln structure.

There is a clay adhesion on the body and a hairline that extends from the rim. Still, there are no noticeable defects, and it is in excellent condition as excavated Kogaratsu. Come with a box.

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