Sukhothai Kingdom Mon Type White Slip Celadon Bowl


A Mon-type flat bowl excavated from the early phase of Si Satchanalai kiln. The inside base is carved shallowly, and a circular dent is designed in the well. Due to the high iron content in the clay, the white slip is applied under celadon glaze, which is rare as the celadon ware and shows a unique opalescent-greenish glaze tone. The ridges seen on the rim is one of the characteristics found in Mon-types, but it has been often shaved before glazing.

After the destruction of the Hariphunchai Kingdom, which the Mon people in northern Thailand founded, the northern Thai kilns took over their pottery technique. Still, the group currently classified as Mon-type is only the early phase of Si Satchanalai kiln (now central Thailand). These should be just Mon pottery branches and leaves, and future research is awaited to grasp the whole picture.

There are no noticeable defects, and the condition is excellent. Come with a box.

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