Satsuma Ware Tateno Type Black Glazed Teabowl


Satsuma ware teabowl fired at the beginning of the Edo period. A heavy black glaze is applied to the Komogai shape plump body, and the rich red clay can be seen from the exposed base. The foot forms a bamboo-joint shape, leaving a splendid swirl mark Tokin. It is considered an early work of the Tateno kiln from the high-quality work that uses Korean pottery.

The barley coloured mottles that occur inside and outside are due to the iron that has exuded from the clay. And the same phenomenon is observed in the heirloom teabowl called “Wakakusa”. It has a moist atmosphere reminiscent of mossy shaded old rocks. It is an absolute teabowl with old inherited taste and magnificent highlights.

There is a discoloured spot on the rim, but it is due to the kiln alteration. There is no damage, and the condition is excellent. It fits in an old box with the inscription “Kurosatsuma teabowl” and a photo attached.

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