Satsuma Ware Sawankhalok-Style Pipe Ashtray with Squared Flower and Lattice Pattern in Underglaze Iron


Satsuma ware Sawankhalok style ashtray fired in the late Edo period. It has a unique shape with a dent on the waist, and draw the squared flowers pattern on the top and the lattice pattern on the bottom. This kind of work, which is an imitation of so-called “Song-Koroku (Sawankhalok ware)”, which was fired in Si Satchanalai in central Thailand, was produced in Satsuma kilns starting from the Tateno-type kiln in the early 18th century. Since these were offering items, they also had the purpose of appealing to the Tokugawa Shogunate about the trade results with the South sea.

While many of this style’s pieces have patterns that have frame lines, this piece has a stylish impression of a repetitive pattern drawn around. The loquat-coloured white background and the iron paintings that bleed into it are very tasteful.

There is a slight sticking mark on the body but no noticeable defects other than minor chips on the base.

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