Obori Soma Ware Bicolour Glazed Bottle with Running Horses Design


An Obori Soma ware sake bottle crafted in the late Edo period. Notable for its unique shape, featuring a distinctively angled hip, the vessel is adorned with a cloudy white glaze enveloping its body, while the shoulders and upper portion are coated in an iron glaze. The result of reduction firing lends it a smooth, cool-touch finish, extending even to the high-fired exposed bottom.

Of particular note is the captivating depiction of two horses rendered in dynamic painting of underglaze iron. Through a chemical reaction with the glaze, the blue tint imbues the artwork with a subtle yet mesmerising illusionary quality. Similar shapes can be seen in other sake bottles made in Obori Soma ware, but there is no other example of such outstanding design beauty.

Despite minor kiln scratches and chips on the bottom, this bottle remains in excellent condition, free from dirt or odour.

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