The Six Dynasties, Vietnam Bắc thuộc Ash Glazed Jar with Four Ears


This is a small jar fired in northern Vietnam during the Second Chinese Domination period (43–544), corresponding to the later Han dynasty to the Six Dynasties of China. It forms a bulgy shape and has four ears attached to the shoulders around which the circle line is incised. This piece is influenced by the Yue ware of the Western Jin dynasty, and the entire surface except the bottom is covered with a celadon-like ash glaze.

In Vietnam, the number of works emulated after the Yue-type celadon increased from the 5th century onwards. While reminiscent of works from the First Chinese Domination period, notable features such as the presence of green glaze splash on the exterior suggest an earlier origin. The subtle, silvered metallic texture further enhances its allure, evoking echoes of its ancestor, inspired by the elegance of bronze ware.

The glaze has partially flaking, but other than that there are no noticeable defects, and the ears are all remained. Notably, there is a slight wobble.

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